Dinosaurs wait for you at Qijiang Laoying Mountain

CHONGQING (CQNEWS) -- The Jurassic Park, a Hollywood blockbuster film released over 20 years ago, makes the dinosaur go virus around the world via its vivid pictures and exciting scenes. And if you want to experience the such sci-fi scenes, the Qijiang National Geological Park “Laoying Mountain” is recommended to you.

Dinosaur fossil model (Photographed by Sun Zhibo)

Mainly showcasing typical, rare and precious wood fossils, dinosaur footprints and the Danxia landform, a landscape consisting of red sandstone characterized by steep cliffs, this geopark was regarded as a municipal geological park in 2007, a national geological park in 2009 and a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot in 2019.

Dinosaur sculpture (Photographed by Sun Zhibo)

Covering a planned area of 52.1 square kilometers, the Laoying Mountain Scenic Spot now enjoys 656 footprints of palaeo vertebrates found in 9 lithostratigraphic areas. Here the footprints are with large quantities, dense distribution and various types, and you can hardly find such park at home and abroad. More importantly, Laoying Mountain is the place where the footprint of anychosaurs was found, so named as “China Qijiang Footprints”.

A continuous stream of tourists (Photographed by Sun Zhibo)

There are a variety of dinosaur footprints including the footprints of China s best preserved Hadrosaurus, China s largest number of Pterosaur, and Cretaceous dinosaurs in Southwest region. You thus can know the dinosaurs from a short range where you can really feel it, so as to realize the Jurassic mysterious journey.

Entrance of Laoying Mountain Scenic Spot (Photographed by Sun Zhibo)

With the magical and mysterious veil of Laoying Mountain, you’re able to appreciate the footprint of dinosaurs and at sunset to enjoy the splendid landscape of Danxia landform with the good reputation of Red Virgin Land in Chongqing. (Translated by Jiang Yuling, Fathom Language Limited)

Editor:Jiang Yiwei